Creative Art Space

(MT Book Fest for Kids!!)

Missoula Public Library  |  Saturday, September 9  9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Discover Creativity at the Creative Art Space – Montana Book Festival!

Searching for a wild and creative activity to enjoy with your kids? Love the Montana Book Festival? Intrigued by local authors catering to all ages? Look no further than the Creative Art Space at the Montana Book Festival!

Dive into Imagination:

Join us for an electrifying morning hosted by Montana Quick Facts author/illustrator extraordinaire, Josh Quick, and Magic Beans Author/Singer-Songwriter Maestro, Chris Sand. Experience free request drawings from the enchanting Factotron world, groove to the melodies of Magic Beans songs, and lose yourself in captivating storytelling.

Fun, Games, and Prizes:

Engage in games, grab the chance to win exciting prizes, and indulge in an array of kids’ books that will leave your family entertained and inspired.

Unforgettable Family Time:

From Factotron drawings to Magic Beans tunes, this event guarantees family enjoyment that will leave you with a heartwarming and memorable feeling throughout the day.