Inspire Grant

Giving teachers the means to try innovative projects and programs that inspire students beyond the basic curriculum.

The PTA Inspire Grant program is designed to give teachers and their classrooms the means to try innovative projects and programs that inspire students beyond the basic curriculum.

Our grant program supports projects or programs that integrate with or enhances current curriculum and meets the program’s key qualities of inspiration, creativity and enrichment.  We fund small classroom incidentals to whole projects, as funding is available.  The PTA also hopes the program will foster connection and communication between the PTA board and teaching staff.


  • 1st grade end of year fitness celebration to Parks and Rec program (for all 80+ first graders) and owl pellets for Science Celebration
  • Supplementary Reading Books for classrooms
  • 4th grade Visiting Naturalist Program with 2 day long field trips (for all 75+ 4th graders)
  • 3rd Grade Science Standards Program thru Animal Wonders
  • and so many more!

Paxson teachers can apply for this grant throughout the year, currently on an as needed basis.  We anticipate reviewing grant applications three times a year, at the October, February, and April PTA meetings with teachers submitting applications 2 weeks prior to meeting.  Teachers prepare and submit a grant application below to the PTA President, Molly Boyle, and  Depending on the grant request, it may be requested that teacher(s) present their idea to the committee.


Teachers: our application is below, and the committee is available for pre-application questions. The idea is to put great ideas to work in classrooms, not to create endless paperwork for our busy teachers, staff and volunteers.


Can I apply for more than one grant?

Yes, you many submit as many applications as your time allows during an application cycle. The grant committee will assume that you will implement all of them should they all be funded.  If you are unable to implement a project please let the PTA know.   Our goal is to distribute the funding among different classrooms and teachers.

Can I apply with other teachers?

Yes, you may apply either individually or as part of a team. Your team can include teachers from your own or other grade levels.

Is there a limit to the amount of funding I can request?

At this time there is no minimum, and no maximum (this may change in the future). We do not have unlimited funding, but we want to hear program ideas from teachers.  The PTA is interested in creating partnerships with organizations and businesses to expand learning options such asking a biotech company to sponsor the purchase of new microscopes so as we would like to hear of bigger ideas to pursue these relationships. We consider how many students will benefit from the grant when we evaluate the grant amount and whether the materials or equipment purchased can be reused.

How do I receive funds?

The PTA will either write a check to the company or vendor, but we can process a reimbursement check to you as well (please submit receipts for the item purchased.)  If you need assistance negotiating a price, please contact the PCA ahead of time.  The PCA is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  A vendor may give preferred pricing to nonprofit so ask about this.

May I keep the materials and equipment purchased through the grant and use them for other purposes?

The PTA and Paxson School owns the materials, equipment, and technology purchased through PTA Grants. The teachers receiving the grants may keep all books (catalog them with the library please), inexpensive equipment, and materials in their classrooms.