Fun Run (April 28)

New this year – Fun Run!

New this year, on April 28th the PTA is hosting a Fun Run to raise funds for the programs that the PTA supports year-in and year-out. Students will collect pledges for the amount of distance they run (or donors can contribute a flat amount).

Prizes will be awarded to grade levels and the entire school will be participating.

  • REGISTRATION OPENS – 04/03/2023
    Register on MYBOOSTER.COM
  • Paxson School Fun Run Kick Off – 04/17/2023
  • Event Day – 04/28/2023. Sign up to help as an Event Day Volunteer!

Donations will go toward supporting our school and can be given throughout the entire experience.

  • Our goal was $25,000 and we hit $32,388 on 4/21 and $38,552 on 4/26 – what do you say about setting a stretch goal of $40,000! Thank you for sharing and donating!

There is no pressure to give, but we invite you to help our school by sharing our fundraiser with your family and friends!

Have no current kid connection at Paxson? Well, we have a solution for that!  You can make a contribution using our Community Donation Page!

Grade  Level Time Frame Running time start and end
4th Grade 8:15-9:15 8:35-9:05
3rd Grade 9:15-10:15 9:30-10:00
5th Grade 10:00-11:00 10:15-10:45
2nd  Grade 11:15-12:15 11:30-12:00
Kindergarten 12:45-1:45 1:00-1:30
1st Grade 2:00-3:00 2:15-2:45

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